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Heather, potentially all reptile Animals can carry salmonella, but it is not really a difficulty Except you will be immunocomprimised, like to present your Tegu open up mouth kisses, or are utilized to sharing a feeding dish with all your Tegu.

Is often a tegus a starter , I don't need a gecko simply because I obtain them dull I need something I'm able to keep I'm sure individuals say go for a beardie but I love viewing and searching a tegus and researching them

Surprisingly, Argentine Black & White Tegus come from Argentina where by it's hot in the summer and chilly within the Winter season. Tegus in captivity have to have a basking spot of about one hundred-a hundred and ten degrees in the spring and summer time. The remainder of the cage need to be from the 80s throughout the day and at nighttime the temperatures can fall safely to the very low 70s.

This tegu was first launched inside the U.S. in 1989, when the late, wonderful Bert Langerwerf introduced some back from Argentina that he successfully bred in the captive surroundings. Originally present in Central and South The usa, people today have bead-like skin and black and white patterning throughout the full system. Their daily life span in captivity seems to be fifteen to twenty years They expand as much as about five feet in whole duration and will weigh around 35 pounds.

Argentine Tegus are massive stocky lizards with quick necks. These Tegus have beaded. Males are much larger than ladies and may expand to some length of 4-½ ft, when ladies hardly ever expand greater than 3 feet.

They keep the heat very well, are easy to scrub and sturdy. We wouldn't advocate on the list of a number of glass enclosures available on the market nowadays as They are really quite highly-priced when compared with the picket equivalent and they don't maintain the warmth nearly too. For a totally grown Black and White Tegu they ought to Have got a 6ft x 4ft x 3ft enclosure, when these lizards are young tegu lizard they may be stored within a smaller enclosure but they may need upgrading because they mature.

Critically, It's not necessarily some thing to worry about. Use typical sense by washing your fingers right after dealing with your herps and you'll be wonderful.

When he gets bored (Or possibly just warm-he has never instructed me which), he goes back again to his cage and checks his dish to discover exactly what is for his breakfast.

Tegus have unusually substantial intelligence and will also be home-broken. Like other reptiles, tegus go into brumation (a sort of hibernation) in autumn in the event the temperature drops. They exhibit a substantial volume of activity in the course of their wakeful period of the 12 months.

Willingness to accept fruits will differ from animal to animal, but even a small volume can increase a great deal of wide range and crucial nutrients towards the tegu eating plan.

Grownup Argentine black and white tegus also can have a variety of fruits and vegetables added for their weight loss plans. Canned dog foodstuff and eggs can be made available as an exceedingly occasional complement, but be recommended that too much protein will trigger kidney failure.

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At times Argentine tegus are also known as large tegus or big-headed tegus. As its typical identify implies, these lizards hail from Argentina and various areas of South America.

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